Where art thou been?

(Disclaimer: you will find nothing of value in this post. Leave now.)

So, here's me, welcome to the party. For the life of me I cannot even begin to understand how it's taken me to until December 13, 2008 to actually create my own personal blog. It's an anomaly. Whacked. Crazy. Odd. Questionable.

Anyone who knows me knows that, more often than not, its hard to shut me up. I love to write, I've been doing it for many years, and in many ways, for many reasons. I've written much about many things. Much even about software, and about agile, about people and the world we all rock.

So where have I been? Who knows, maybe I was subconsciously afraid no one would give a flying crap what I had to say in the blogosphere and was avoiding the rejection? Maybe I wasn't properly motivating myself? Maybe I was too busy with other stuff? Maybe I'm just lazy (yes, that's it).

It's unfortunate, really, how much people fail to do the things they know they should do, or want to do. How much we let something get in the of way it. Personally speaking, and professionally. In life, and in business...and, here it comes, definitely in software development. People, all over the world, knowing they could or should be doing software better. Designing better. Coding better. Delivering better. Collaborating better. Communicating better. Trusting better. In the end - living better.

Doing it better...and having more fun doing it!

So, here then lies the root of what you'll likely find here: writings...well, ok, ramblings (some useless, some useful, some idiotic, some wise, some comical, some ridiculous, some stupid, some cool), that chronicle whatever might be striking my fancy any given sunny day about the world of software and the people who inhabit it. Sometimes it'll be geeky, sometimes business-y, sometimes touchy-feely, sometimes none of the above. We'll see.

Anyhoo, just needed to get that off my chest, that was for me, please do disregard this rambling collection of words. Promise, no more stream-of-consciousness psycho-babble about "me" (well, at least not for a little while!). From here on out, we talk of our craft. We talk of software, and of that funny thing they call "agile".

See ya soon.


  1. Now that you've finally decided to open shop... I guess I might as well shut down. There's no way I'll be able to compete with your expertise! :)

    Alright fine, welcome to the neighborhood. Make sure you immediately put some analytics and feedburner on this thing... it will help you mold the content to find your sweet spot as you watch the reaction from people.

  2. ... and you might want to turn on moderation... people will put up some disgusting spam if you don't. There are certain words you don't want to get indexed by.

  3. Good stuff Mike!

    Setting up the account was easy. Now the hard part begins...Keep it up!


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